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Posted by Sarah Parmenter

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We have gone round and round in circles on this one, so much so, that the development folder we have been working within was entitled “February 2012”. Everyone knows how it goes, with your own stuff - you never get the time. We’ve decided that because the old site was horrendously out of date, even if we uploaded this one with bugs and mistakes, it would still be better than what we had! Terrible state of affairs.

This was an early comp back when we were thinking ├╝ber pink.

First attempt.

We wanted to update the feel of ‘You Know Who’ entirely and move away from the vintage feel. It had been done, and to be honest, was my personal taste rather than what may have been best for the business. I had to remove my own impressions of what I wanted and instead think of what clients would expect to see. Exactly the advice I give all of my clients, and a pill I had yet to swallow myself.

The previous design held a lot of problems, and in the 2 years since it was done, a lot had changed. The old site was about me, entirely - I understood at that point. I was the business and that made sense, but late 2012 I decided, in preparation for the new site that was coming, that I would move everything about me personally, to my blog ( and that if someone wanted to find out more about the person at the reigns of ‘You Know Who’ they could look there for extensive information. It didn’t belong amongst portfolio stuff at all. Many of the decisions that were taken were along these lines, remove anything that doesn’t show the ethos of the business and reflects me, add in everything that we are and everything we stand for as a unit.

From a design perspective, I was interested in the idea of almost mimicking an app with a static navigation bar sat at the bottom. We’re being told again and again that mobile and desktop are going to collide and mobile usage will overtake desktop usage, I wanted to play with the navigation with this in mind. The navigation was, a nightmare. I won’t lie. It’s compatible with retina, non-retina and responsive web. It’s taken a long time to get that baby working perfectly across everything, and to be honest - there still might be things that aren’t quite right with it but - ship now, iterate later.

Sketches of the initial navigation

Design of the actual site, I wanted to keep clean, minimal and up-to-date. I wanted there to be room to breathe and also to show some of the personality of the people that work here. We want to stay purposely small, and we wanted that to come across for various reasons. Being a small team means we can fit into existing teams easily and take on over-spill work that agencies have as well. The old site didn’t showcase our capabilities very well, and this site will do over time as we evolve sections.

For now, we hope you enjoy learning about us once again and we look forward to new and exciting projects in 2013.

Monday, February 11, 2013